Thursday, July 9, 2009


ClixSense has been around for a couple of years. You click on ads posted by viewers and wait for timer. You earn the amount of cash posted above the link($.01-$5). You can also earn by clicking on squares in the ClixGrid. When you reach $10 in a month, you are automatically paid by check. Upgrade option at $10/yr allows you many more clicks.

Trekpay is the new kid on the block. Here you click on links and view sites. You may be asked to click an ad on the site. You earn points for your efforts which are converted once a week for your profit share. When you hit $5.50, request payout to your Paypal account. You also earn by bringing in advertisers which is sadly lacking in most PTC sites. Advertise here.

Neobux has been paying reliably for over a year. Your first payment is a minimum of $2.00. The second is $3.00, etc.

TrafficNowFire is an advertising site where you can add your sites. You earn points by clicking other's sites and voting on them. Points can be traded for cash and advertising. Payout is $20 for basic and $10 for upgraded. I am upgraded.

BaggaBucks is run by Maryanne Myers. She is trusted and has been online for 10 years. You can join free but upgrade is only a one-time $5.00.


  1. Yeah I love Clixsense and will upgrade again tomorrow. I am planning on earning at least 500 bucks a month from ptc and ptsu and I will write about my plan in my blog tomorrow. I am already succesful in my first month and gotten tons of referrals and more money this month implementing my simple method. I hope you visit my blog too as I am running a contest and you could win ten bucks or so in cash. I love commenting and clicking/supporting the bogs I see on tnf as we can encourage and support each other,

  2. blogwalking..visit my you a smile$